John Avocado

Things what I have written. Never proofread. Rarely edited.

I’m currently working on remembering to add relevant content notes to my posts. I think it’s important, but I admit that I am not yet in the habit of doing it. If you read something on this site and think there should have been a content note, please let me know. If you read something on this site that you would rather not have, and wouldn’t have had there been a content note – I am truly sorry. If you feel comfortable, please get in touch and I’ll work on making sure it doesn’t happen to anybody else.

I write about things that come into my head. There’s rarely a theme, but I stand for anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and fairness. Liberation over equality. I’m an immigrant, not an expat.

Follow me on twitter @SuperCroup and if you want to get in touch, there’s a form on my Ask Me Anything page.

I’m based in Sydney, Australia. I also (sporadically) write about my experience as a Brit living in Sydney over at Six Months in Sydney.

Here is a photo of me with Facebook’s rainbow filter:



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